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Online appointments with psychiatrist. Confidential and secure audio or video consultations (in English) with registered psychiatrist from Serbia. Get professional diagnosis & treatment, online. My services include assessment, diagnosis, psychotherapy, psychoeducation and medication management.

Skype counselling / Online Counselling provides you with the same experience as face to face counselling but in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.


Mental health conditions that may be diagnosed and treated online by a psychiatrist include: depression, neurosis, anxiety, insomnia, mood disorders, stress, adaptive disorders, emotional problems, social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, low self esteem and confidence, obsessive compulsive disorder, relationship problems, mental disorders in the elderly, personality disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder.

About me

My name is Ivan Mladenović. I am a licensed medical doctor specialized in adult psychiatry with 9 years of experience in effectively treating patients with wide range of mental health conditions.

Serbian Medical Chamber licence number: 300253.

Cost and payment method

Standard 50-minutes consultation via Skype with a psychiatrist costs 45€. Pay for your consultation using PayPal’s convenient and secure electronic payments. Payments through Western Union and MoneyGram are also accepted.


Get in touch. Skype ID: ivan.dr.mladenovic, Email: or Facebook Messenger.

Psychotherapy online

Psychotherapy online will allow you to work collaboratively with your therapist in a supportive environment, where you can talk openly and work freely on your issues without having to commute or meet the therapist in person.

Online treatment advantages

Accessible – video meetings via your computer, laptop or phone. Speedy – get an appointment within days. Convenient – no travelling – by video link, when it suits you. Discreet – private and secure. Economic – less expensive than face to face consultations.

Online psychiatry

Online psychiatry is the delivery of mental and behavioral health care services over the internet through secure video calls. It's also sometimes called telepsychiatry, e-psychiatry, distance therapy or simply telehealth.