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Ivan Mladenović

Psychiatrist, MD

I was born in Niš in 1977. I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš in 2005. I enrolled in specialist studies in psychiatry in 2012 and finished in 2016 with great success (average grade 9.86) at the Faculty of Medicine in Niš. I have been working as a doctor for over 13 years, for the last 9 years in the field of psychiatry and mental health. I gained work experience in private psychiatric practice and as a member of the first-degree medical committee of the Republican Health Insurance Fund. I live and work in Nis, Serbia.

Valid license number of the Medical Chamber of Serbia 300253.

Psychotherapy online

Psychotherapy online will allow you to work collaboratively with your therapist in a supportive environment, where you can talk openly and work freely on your issues without having to commute or meet the therapist in person.

Online treatment advantages

Accessible – video meetings via your computer, laptop or phone. Speedy – get an appointment within days. Convenient – no travelling – by video link, when it suits you. Discreet – private and secure. Economic – less expensive than face to face consultations.

Online psychiatry

Online psychiatry is the delivery of mental and behavioral health care services over the internet through secure video calls. It's also sometimes called telepsychiatry, e-psychiatry, distance therapy or simply telehealth.